Day-to-Day Benefits

Ingwe Primary Care Network

This option gives you access to our Ingwe Network hospitals, and you will have access to a wider list of GPs/doctors on our Ingwe Primary Care Network.

Please note that you can only make this decision once a year, so it is important to make the right choice. Let us assist you in choosing the correct option for you.

Doctor consultations

You have unlimited GP visits and can visit ANY doctor on the Ingwe Primary Care Network, based on your option.

Medicine prescribed by the doctor

Your option covers you for medicine if your Network doctor prescribes it from our medicine list. Please consult your Ingwe Primary Care Network doctor for your medicine requirements or to check whether a specific medicine is covered.

Chronic medicine

You can ask your Ingwe Primary Care Network doctor to register you for chronic benefits - we cover 26 chronic conditions , such as diabetes and epilepsy. A list of medicine applies.

Specialist/ physiotherapy

You qualify for 2 specialist consultations per family per year, limited to R1 150 per visit and up to a maximum of R2 300 per family per year. Your Ingwe Primary Care Network doctor needs to refer you to the specialist, and you need to contact us for pre-authorisation.

Blood tests

The Ingwe Option covers a specific list of blood tests and your Ingwe Primary Care Network doctor must refer you for these tests to be covered.


The Ingwe Option covers a specific list of x-rays and your Ingwe Primary Care Network doctor must refer you for these x-rays to be covered.

Dental care

Visit the Ingwe Network dentists for an annual dental check-up. The benefit covers you for the consultation, cleaning, fillings and extraction of teeth. Learn more

Eye care

Your benefit includes one eye test and one pair of glasses every 2 years from an Ingwe Network optometrist. Choose a frame from a specific range to avoid paying extra from your pocket. Learn more.

Out-of-network doctor visits

1 visit per person or 2 visits per family per year and this includes your emergency/casualty visits. You pay the first R100 of the consultation cost and you need to call or WhatsApp us on 0860 102 493 within 72 hours after your visit.

Preventative care

1 Health assessment per year, which includes a blood pressure test, blood sugar and cholesterol finger prick tests, as well as height, weight and waist circumference measurements. You can do the assessment at any Clicks, Dis-Chem, MediRite or Pick n Pay pharmacy clinic.